Farm at Frog Hollow

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should clients expect from the Farm at Frog Hollow proprietors?
Frog Hollow proprietors eagerly anticipate your successful event.
A designated representative will meet the client and/or event planner at the appointed time and provide an orientation to the venue.
Access to the venue will be facilitated through the provision of a security lock code.
Internet access will be provided for convenience.
Finally, Frog Hollow proprietors will ensure that the venue is vacant and securely closed by the designated closing time.
What is expected of the client and/or event planner?
When hosting an event at the Farm at Frog Hollow, clients have access to the entire venue for setup and enjoyment.
Clients may arrange the venue’s tables and chairs in any configuration, with past event concepts available for reference.
Decoration according to personal preferences is allowed.
Venue’s dinnerware, utensils, and glassware can be utilized.
After the event, tables and chairs can be left in their arranged positions.
Removal and disposal of decorations are the client's responsibility.
If Venue’s dinnerware, utensils, and/or glassware are used, scraping, rinsing, and stacking are expected (washing not required).
No garbage disposal is available; all excess food must be disposed of in the trash containers.
What about tent options?
The Farm offers a unique feature—a high-end tent covering the hard-deck patio adjoining the barn. This option comfortably accommodates 150 guests in a seated-dinner arrangement and up to 250 for a combination of seated tables and standing bar-height tables. For those wishing to utilize grass area tents, location recommendations are available. For both patio and grass area tents, rental and set-up are coordinated through an outside vendor. Ask for details.
What seating arrangements are offered?
Farm at Frog Hollow offers three distinct seating areas. In the multi-function building, seating for up to 40 guests is available. The barn can accommodate up to 75 seated guests, while the patio adjacent to the barn can host up to 150 seated guests. These capacities are contingent upon the table selections made by the client. For cocktail-style events, up to 250 guests can be comfortably accommodated when all three areas are utilized.
Are tables and chairs available with venue rental?

The Farm at Frog Hollow provides "barn-eclectic" tables and chairs. “Barn-eclectic” implies varying styles that can be mixed and matched including:

  • 125 Barn Chic Mix & Match Chairs
  • 119 Wood Cushioned Chairs
  • Round tables: 1 – 60”, 3 – 54”, 3 – 50”, 2 – 48”, 1 – 42”, 1 – 40”
  • Oval table: 1 – 72”
  • Rectangular banquet tables: 3 – 96”, 4 – 72”
  • Sit-down cocktail tables: 3 – 24”x36”
  • Stand-up round cocktail tables: 2

More formal chairs are available at a small additional fee per chair. Clients are welcome to utilize local rental companies for additional furnishings needed. A list of reputable vendors is available.

What dining supplies are included with venue rental?
The Farm at Frog Hollow provides "barn-eclectic" chargers, dinnerware, glassware, and utensils at no additional cost to clients. “Barn-eclectic” implies varying styles that can be mixed and matched. Clients are welcome to utilize local rental companies for these items instead of the Venue's offerings if desired. Dinnerware, utensils and glassware must be cleaned of any excess food or drink residue and neatly stacked following the event.
Who is responsible for preparing the tables/chairs?
The client is responsible for arranging the tables and chairs in the desired configuration. Frog Hollow staff is available to perform this function at an additional hourly labor cost.
What about cleaning after the event?
The client is required to ensure that the Farm is returned to a condition comparable to its state at the start of the event contract. Both clients, caterers and other outside vendors are expected to leave the kitchen clean, wiping down surfaces and disposing of trash in the designated containers. Decorations must be taken down and removed from the premises or properly disposed of in the trash containers. Dinnerware, utensils and glassware should be cleaned of any excess food or drink residue and neatly stacked.
What are the time constraints for Farm at Frog Hollow events?
Starting time is flexible. Quiet time begins at 11pm. Guests, caterers and vendors are expected to vacate the Farm by midnight.